Tips for Successful Video Production

Do you have a scenario that holds true for your video production singapore? Then you just have to shoot the sequences. Here you'll find the latest tips for making a successful shoot and then getting your video production singapore.

Tips for shooting:

Calmly hold the camera (smartphone); be careful not to zoom in or move the camera too much; a stable subject is often the best solution;

Films in landscape format (do not shoot in portrait format with smartphones);

Deliberately choose the framing. Different settings (from the close-up to the overall plan) allow you to add spice to your video;

Ensures a good brightness (no backlight);

Uses an external microphone to ensure good sound quality;

Plug in a headset (and check the sound).

Once you have the video material, then you have to compress it during editing. Editing is a process of distillation: at the end of the process, your project is reduced to the essential, to its key message. You will avoid boring passages and your video will be more likely to be viewed in full.

Tips for editing:

Cuts between planes (no fades);

Optimizes brightness and contrast;

Harmonizes voices and music (sound mixing);

Ensure that the maximum length of the video is two minutes.

What should you watch out for?

Do not confuse video with teaser or trailer. If you have eg. Already a film trailer, you can integrate it after your personal speech.

Crowdfunding is not just about giving! It's about supporting outstanding projects, getting involved, and bringing ideas to life - with your video message, you'll be interested more quickly and in a more direct way.

The videos on your project page should reflect your idea, make an impact and catch the attention of the community. Use expressive and emotional messages, without text or logo. Less is more!

Warning! Be careful not to use items or music that is protected by copyright. You must always have an authorization.

Posted on October 04, 2018 at 05:39 PM