What is SEO?

The SEO (Search Engine Optimization), also known as search engine optimization is quickly defined as a way to increase access your site through a set of techniques and strategies that enable a website to improve its position in the organic results of mechanisms such as Google and Bing.

Even the administrator or developer site should use principles of SEO in their development in order to improve aspects of internal optimization that contribute to the page position.

How can SEO help your site?

When you start an optimization campaign on your site, you may find that improving your keywords' positioning for your business is directly proportional to the number of hits you receive, as well as generating greater visibility for the brand and a return on site conversions.

There are several types of goals in a site. For an e-commerce, the main thing is to generate sales. For a blog, it is that your visitors read your posts. So, these goals, which we also call conversion, can be very varied, like sales, registration, downloads or even clicks on certain parts of the site. Regardless of your area of ​​action and your goals, optimizing your site will allow you to reach a target audience according to your expectations.

Set your audience

For example, if your business is to sell used books, the keywords used in optimization cannot be books, bestsellers, or postings - as that would attract the whole audience of books. You would need to work on the words "used books", "sebum", "second hand books", among others. That way, it would restrict the number of hits to the site, but it would attract more qualified access, generating a positive experience for both your business and users who would find what they were really looking for.

Basically, what defines whether or not your page will be among the first results of a search is its relevance to the keyword sought. Therefore, SEO works first and foremost on the relevance of your site, whether for the user who visits it (internal optimization) or for the digital community around it (external optimization).

The Google Algorithm

How then will Google understand which site is best? The work is done by complex calculations performed through its algorithm which considers a multitude of factors. What has changed over the years has been the relevance of these factors, such as PageRank that was once a determining factor and today is no longer, although it is still very important.

The digital market had a great growth and with Google was not different, because today the search engine has as main focus the user experience.

The year 2015 was a year of changes for the company, such as in April when the search engine launched an update that has allowed an improvement in searches made by smartphones, which now give preference to sites that perfectly fit the devices, that is, the called responsive sites.

SEO or Sponsored Links?

The sponsored links are an easy and quick way to appear at the top of Google 's results but can be infinitely more expensive than a good SEO strategy. In addition, when the campaign goes offline, your site pops up from the first page of search engines instantly, which contrasts with the continuity character that SEO practice has.

Posted on June 01, 2018 at 01:07 PM