10 Simple SEO Optimizations for Blog You Need to Apply Today to Leverage Your Authority in Your Niche

SEO for blogging is an essential item and needs to be on your radar should you wish to increase the traffic of your website.

If not, the time to start worrying is now!

SEO for blog or otherwise known as SEO On Page, involves any strategy to improve the performance of your blog before the search engines.

But optimizing only on items that are, as the name already indicates, inside your page.

Meanwhile, the SEO Off Page, consists of generating external links pointing to your website or article. Something you can achieve by advertising your content on social networks, forums and other blogs.

Despite the importance of investing in both types of strategies, our focus in this article is on SEO for blogging.

And how you can make the necessary modifications to your articles and pages for the best results on Google.

In "old-fashioned" SEO, this page optimization basically consisted of using keywords.

If possible, a lot of them, no criteria and no matter what the user experience.

These days were really in the past when changes in search engine algorithms began to take into account other items such as time spent on the page, number of social shares and external links.

So, if you want to know which items should be optimized to improve your SEO strategy for blogging, keep reading this article.

In it you will learn more about:

Title: the number one item on your list

Use topics and subtopics to give the reader a break

Why keywords are still important in SEO strategy for blogging

Meta-description: the one still ignored by many producers

Image optimization: visual content is the future of digital marketing

URL optimization: detail that makes the difference in SEO for blogging

URL Redirection

Optimizing pages with 404 error: seizing every opportunity

Internal links: grow your authority

Duplicate content: care to take

Posted on June 01, 2018 at 01:07 PM