3 Infallible Tips to Sell More Over the Internet Marketing

1. Attract more customers

There are many ways to attract customers to your online store by investing in advertising and content. In Internet Marketing, types of traffic acquisition can be classified as:

Organic: Organic involvement occurs for the interest of the visitor and usually depends on efforts in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or virilization of content on social networks.

Paid: Paid traffic to your site originates from campaigns that involve advertising spend on both search engines and social networks.

Among the channels, we can list countless ways to achieve results and sell more over the Internet Marketing : Google ads (Shopping, Display and AdWords), social ads, e-mail marketing days, and SEO strategies are some of the most commonly used examples large online retailers.

Instead of betting on a single channel or type of acquisition, diversifying the channels allows your online store to be with customers at different stages of interest in their products. Thus, it is possible to be present when the customer searches for information and finds its content spontaneously and when your store searches the customer with ads.

Note that not always attracting more customers is synonymous with selling more over the Internet Marketing: if your store invests in advertising without paying attention to the other details listed below, the investment may be in vain.

2. Have quality images of your product

Often, the products and reliability of an e-commerce are judged by the quality of the disclosed images, so it is so important to have beautiful photos that show details of the object. A survey conducted by Base Kit in the United States interviewed 577 e-commerce’s consumers and found that 70% of them do not trust a virtual store that does not invest in a good brand presentation of the products.

This is not just an aesthetic question. Presenting your products with images that look good can mean an increase in sales conversion, which is very significant if you also make your products available in marketplaces - where your brand is exposed alongside your competitors - or on visual platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram.

That is, to turn visitors into buyers you need to show your products the best way possible.

3. Pay attention to the descriptions of your products

Believe, product descriptions are essential for you to sell more over the internet as they have the role of conveying information that will convince your store visitors that that is the right product.

Offer both the concise and the long version. The shorter version should capture the essence of the object according to who you want to target: think about who that product is and why it is so good. The longer version should offer the maximum information so that the visitor has no doubt about the product and procedures of their e-commerce. If your potential customer is not totally convinced, you can simply ignore your product and leave your site.

In the "dresses" category, Amazon of the United States offers a lean version of the description with available sizes, color, price, fabric type, wash shape, opinion of who has already purchased, plus a guide of sizes for the visitor to check measures compared to the product.

When the user clicks on "details", a new page is opened with complete information on procedures of exchanges and returns.

In addition, another point deserves your attention: an e-commerce can have many similar products and, therefore, ends up using the same description in different products, changing only a few details. But despite offering convenience, this practice is not recommended.

Because Google has increasingly taken into account the content of a page to improve ranking in search results, pulling product information from a database or copying information from the vendor can cause content duplicity problems and overturn the visibility of your store in the search engines.

Posted on June 01, 2018 at 01:07 PM