How to Prepare a Market Research

Did you know that you can understand the public's expectations about your product or service through Market Research? Yes, it is. And by analyzing the data based on the responses of your respondents, the survey can bring you much more effective results than many other methods.

However, developing market research is not such a simple task. You need to be aware that through the data obtained with your research, you can elaborate the entire business plan and also the strategic planning of your company.

Market Research Methods

To better understand market research, it is important to know that there are two types of research: primary and secondary.

Primary Search

The data that is collected is relative only to your business. Primary surveys can provide insights into the real needs of your customers, your competitors' appraisals, and product reviews.

Here are some questions that should be considered in a primary research:

·        What factors do you consider when buying a product or service?

·        What do you like or dislike about our products or services?

·        How do you rate the service?

·        What price do you consider most appropriate for our service or product?

Secondary Research

You use data that has been collected in some primary research for another purpose, but that may also solve your problem. These are usually surveys released by large institutions, such as IBGE, for example, but contain data relevant to their study.

Getting Started

Now that we've explained a little more about research, let's put in topics and chronological order the steps of how you should develop your market research.

You must define the main purpose of your search. You must ask yourself what you want with her. Beyond the importance of having your target audience well defined.

Here is the time to define how many people you need to submit your search for. In addition to defining what your search will capture. Data or opinions?

The next step is to prepare your questionnaire. Be very careful with this step. As we have said several times in our blog, a clear and objective questionnaire brings you much more reliable and effective data.

The time has come to apply your research. This can be done in several ways: through email, social networks, etc. Use the medium that best fits your target audience.

After your search is finalized, you must tabulate and analyze all the data. After all, these results will be vitally important to your company's strategic planning.

Posted on May 31, 2018 at 03:14 PM