Market Research: Learn How to Conduct Effective Research

Would you like to know how Market Research can reduce your risk when making strategic decisions?

The market research is a way to collect data, information, opinions; and even validate and test ideas and concepts.

This is the case of the evolutions of Facebook features, for example. They develop a new type of function for the platform and make it available to beta users.

They test for a while, and Facebook evaluates how the rebound was. Depending on, the product may be discontinued without even having been officially released.

You can conduct market research to test products with groups, in person. Let's assume your new product is yogurt.

You can introduce him to a group that represents his persona and analyze his expressions as they eat him.

Then listen to their opinions regarding taste, texture, smell, packaging, and even ideas of price they would pay and better places for distribution.

Can you see how rich such a search might be for your company? It's incredible!

Create New Business Segments

Main Types of Research

As we have seen, market research can have many goals and functions.

You can perform a search at different times and stages of maturity of your company (or yours, as a professional and entrepreneur).

Now I'll cover the main types of research, so that you can evaluate which makes more sense to you at this time.

Consumer Habits Survey

The search for habit of consumption is, in my view, a research that must be done on a recurring basis.

Especially because habits change rapidly, according to the global context and, mainly, with the change of behavior between the different generations.

With it, you can better align your market research strategies by defining, for example, which social networks are worth attending.

In addition, it can be a great starting point when developing new products or services.

Knowing the habits, needs and pains of your audience, you can plan solutions that perfectly meet your consumption criteria.

A search for consumer habits can be aligned with a consumer profile search, aiding in the creation of a buyer persona solid and quite rich in details.

Search to Determine Brand Strength

Without a doubt, brand management work is essential for a company to stay in the market.

Consumers are increasingly demanding, and competition is fiercer.

Therefore, understanding what position your company is in, in the minds and hearts of consumers, has enormous value.

I'll tell you all about Branding work in another article, if you'd like to dig deeper into it.

But consider doing this research if your company is already present in the market at some time, to assess your situation. Analyze the results and seek to improve your positioning in order to increase your brand strength.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Satisfaction research is today the type of research best sold by specialized institutes.

This shows that companies understand that the satisfaction of their customers is important for the business, as it enables loyalty.

And we know that a loyal and recurring customer has a lot of value to the company, because the efforts to maintain a customer are much smaller than those needed to conquer new markets.

Therefore, it is worth investing in this type of research. With the results, you can improve processes, products or even qualify teams, seeking ever higher satisfaction rates.

Employee Satisfaction Survey

Market Research may have incredible brand positioning, but an unhappy employee can put everything else to waste.

When a person loves the company in which he works, he performs his tasks with more quality, is more satisfied and feels valued.

From this, she herself will spread the message and the brand positioning to colleagues, family, friends and community.

Therefore, ensuring employee satisfaction is not only a strategy to improve productivity and reduce turnover, but also a business strategy!

A survey of employee satisfaction is essential to keep the internal climate pleasant, to avoid conflicts, to know the weaknesses and to keep in constant evolution.

Posted on May 31, 2018 at 03:14 PM