Branding: How to Build the Visual Identity of Your Company?

In this we will explain what are the elements that make up the visual or corporate identity of a Brand Building. In addition, you will learn what a brand manual is and what are the main corporate materials that it includes. This is getting interesting!

Here are some tips so you can define it more clearly, in addition to brand building manual and choosing the corporate materials that best suit your needs. Take note!

Defining the Visual Identity of your Brand

The process of building corporate identity can be somewhat chaotic if you do not work on it in an orderly manner, so that it is reflected in all its pieces and you get the most out of them. As a first step, as an exercise, the following questions will help you to review the present of your brand and clearly define your identity. Keep them in mind!

Brand image

If you have a certain track record in the market, ask yourself: How is your brand currently perceived by the segment to which you offer your products or services? In the case of a new brand, what are the adjectives and emotions with which you would like your brand to be perceived by your target audience?

Business Definition

It is important that you clearly define the business to which your brand is dedicated. Question: what, how, to whom, where and when.

Characteristics of the Product or Service

What are the main characteristics that define your product or service? What are the main stages of your production process?

Target market

What is the target market to which you direct your product or service? Do you specialize in a niche?

Mission, Vision, Values ​​and Beliefs

What is the mission, vision and values of your company? What are the beliefs that make up the essence of your brand? If your brand was a person: What would be the distinctive features of your personality? What would be your interests, passions, etc.?

The Brand Manual

The brand building manual serves as a guide that includes the rules that must be followed to apply the brand and logo in the different internal and external supports of the company. In this normative manual, each and every one of the technical and aesthetic specifications related to the design of all the physical or digital corporate materials that you will use in your company will be included.

Posted on May 31, 2018 at 03:14 PM